i believe "crushing it" isn't about MRR. Simply working consistently towards a goal is what i call crushing it. I can see no future without you succeeding hard. Keep pushing king 👑

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Thank you boss 😎

Consistently working hard is our motto haha. I am personally focused on the process, and like you, am confident about the future.

When it comes to Twitter growth, there is something to be said about having a big MRR or at least the prospect of it that makes people interested in what you are doing. Not that I care too much about it (although I have a "target" that I would like to achieve), but it just seems to be the reality.

It's all peaks and valleys in the short term. As long as it's trending upwards in the long run 📈 and as long as we do not quit, everything will be fine 😁🤝

I appreciate you 🙏

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see you at $10k MRR 🤜🤛

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